Poll Results – New Poll Below

Last week’s poll results are in and the people have spoken loudly and clearly in support of their candidates. After making a small adjustment due to a minor typo, the clear winner was Andrew Yang. Congratulations YangGang! While I’m not a huge fan, he’s certainly easier for me to stomach than a progressive who could actually win. These results should put to rest any rumors of Bernie Sander’s campaign gaining momentum. Also of note, Pete Buttigieg scored really well this week, showing much more support than Bernie Sanders, who didn’t even register.

In no way have I ignored the complaints from the Bernie fanatics about the small typo in last week’s poll. In fact I’ve decided that to gather a more fair sample of the electorate, I’m making amends to the Bernie Bros this week by prominently displaying Bernie. You’re welcome. Please vote and share widely!*

*as always, please block progressives beforehand.


  1. Genius! With the Sanders vote divided into fifths and Gabbard voters scattered to the wind, it’s lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose. With this busload of candidates, who will notice, right?


  2. Why do you have anyone other than Kamala in your pole is it because you are racist or because you are sexist


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